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Solid Wood Parquet

Solid Wood Parquet Solid Wood Parquet Solid Wood Parquet

The ground we move on day by day is as important as a good mattress is for our healthy sleep at night.
It is precisely for this reason that parquet is widely used in interior design. The best quality and the most precious choice is the solid wood parquet .The initial purchase price for this type of flooring is high in comparison. Once the decision for solid wood is taken generations to come will enjoy it. Taking into account the longevity and durability would you still consider solid wood parquet an expensive option?
The indoor climate will benefit markedly where parquet flooring has been laid. The wood’s capability to absorb as well as release moisture helps regulate the room climate naturally.
In addition, a wooden floor feels pleasantly warm underfoot and, due to its resilience, parquet will show positive effect on your joints and spinal discs . Solid wood flooring is also anti-static. Hence, allergic people can be confident that neither dust, animal hair nor other allergens will be penetrating the surface or take root.
For your health and well-being a solid wooden floor is highly recommended.
Finally, a solid wood parquet is also valued for its positive ecological balance. If originating in sustainable resources nothing is taken from nature which is not being replaced.

In conclusion, a professionally laid solid wood parquet will last for generations to come and encompass a healthy living environment better than any other flooring.

When considering new flooring for your home your health should come first.
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