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Parquet - Sorting

natural slightly streaky rustic look

kreis N - natural, calm and balanced impression

kreis G - slightly streaky, regular to vivid appearance

kreis R - lively, rustic look

Each tree is unique. Its growth is largely determined by the weather, the location , the sunlight and soil as well as the nutrients available over time. In the end all these factors influence the appearance of the wood. This is the main reason why parquet is so unique in its structure , in the grain and colour, even if the wood stems the same species of tree. It is a matter of taste and preference, which sorting you choose. However, what is important to know is that the various sorting grades are absolutely irrelevant when it comes to determine the quality of solid wood parquet floors. The various parquet sortings are based on optical criteria only. They express nothing but changing styles and fashion as set by interior design companies and the lumber industry. It depends largely on your personal preference and taste which choice you take.