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sanding parquet Window installation Furniture assembly

sanding parquet sqm 18,00 €
lay parquet flooring sqm 20,00 €
lay laminate sqm 8,50 €
Furniture assembly / hour from 25,00 €
Window and door installation from 75,00 €
Driving in Berlin per day flat rate 25,00 €

From our many years of professional experience, we can only point each client that it is important to know the local circumstances and to determine the exact allowance. Only then can give you a binding price are offered and thus a serious offer will be created. Caution for package prices and special offers! In most cases, supplements and thus additional costs are inevitable.
We will therefore only offer prices without material. Only after determining the precise machining allowance on the ground and in consideration of your material desire, we will offer you a binding offer.